What's C-Box®?

C-BOX® - Platform for design
and management of Open Badge,
IQC's Digital Badge

Digital certifications in blockchain that attest to expertise and professionalism in a clear, reliable and credible way, following the guidelines defined by IQC's D.B.S.T. The Digital Badge is a graphic image containing informations and evidence of what is attested. The digital aspect enhances the level of communication and shareability. IQC's Digital Badges comply with technologica standards defined at an international level (Issuer, Host, Displayer) and submitted for annual verification from IMS Global.

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To whom is it addressed?

The C-Box platform is available under licence and is addressed to all kinds of institutions, organizations and associations.

Public and
private companies
and schools

Certification with Blockchain Technology

IQC's Digital Badge can be reliesed with Blockchain Technology to offer everybody guarantee that data and informations declared inside of it were not modified, therefore elevating the attestation to digital certification of expertise and professionalism. Availability, accessibility, rapidity, reliability of informations.

Verify the content of the Digital Badge in Blockchain.

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