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In the time of Enterprise 4.0 and Human Capital Big Data, IQC srl proposes the use of Digital Badges certified with Blockchain Technology for the representation of the skills acquired by people in all educational and experiential contexts, with the mission of promoting the progressive integration of the IoT (Internet of Things) with the IoC (Internet of Skills) towards Economy of Knowledge 5.0 ensuring smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.


Digital object with Open Technological Infrastructure (OBI) that can be interfaced with all online platforms and shareable on the main social networks which certifies the skills acquired by people in all in training and experiential contexts, giving concreteness to the right to lifelong learning


Public space of the C-BOX® Platform where ISSUER can give visibility to their educational and experiential offer represented through the use of digital badges.

 Human Capital Competence

Public space of the C-BOX® Platform where USER can make visible knowledge and skills possessed and recognized through '' acquisition of digital badges

Digital certification of skills with Blockchain Technology

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For Institutions C-BOX allows you to

  • Align with legislation on the right to lifelong learning and equal opportunities for skills
  • Create a connective tissue between the different representatives of the territory by bringing them closer to the citizens
  • Facilitate the active citizenship process
  • Mapping the skills of the territory and the organizations that deal with their validation

C-BOX supports public and private Training Institutions

  • In the design of training courses in relation to the skills of the professional figures of interest
  • In defining the system of assessment and validation of the skills acquired in the non-formal and informal environment
  • In the creation of Badges and Badge ecosystems
  • In increasing the visibility of their training / experiential offer
  • In connection with the international network of Open Badges and with the evolution of the Bologna Process

C-BOX supports Companies in Knowledge Management:

  • Analysis of the organizational context in which it is intended to intervene to map, enhance and validate knowledge, skills and competences acquired by the staff
  • Definition of guarantee elements for those company figures to whom it may be appropriate to issue a certification of skills
  • Design of Badge Ecosystems that bridge skills gaps
  • Soft Skills training to promote and enhance the growth process of human capital as a corporate asset
  • Enhancement of human resources as corporate assets

C-BOX supports the socio-cultural sector

  • Enhancing professionals thanks to the structure of the badge
  • Recognizing the skills that users acquire / demonstrate by participating in the proposed paths
  • By increasing the visibility of one's own reality and its educational value
  • Making citizens aware that the activities fuel personal growth of strong professional value

Third sector, HR & People

C-box supports the Third Sector, HR and people

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